AGE: 25



DESCRIPTION: Emmi is a young woman with spirit channeling abilities.
It would be appropriate to call her a medium. When needed, she uses
her body as a host for spirits in order to make herself stronger.

Emmi comes from an aristocratic lifestyle. After a particular set of
events in her youth, she is no-contact with her family (it would be more
accurate to say they can’t find her).

In her free time, Emmi sculpts pieces for local art galleries.
She tends to be very self-critical, oftentimes starting and restarting
projects until they’re absolutely perfect. Currently, she is working on
her “magnum opus” and that’s all you’re allowed to know about it. She also
attends many social events amongst the artistic elite.

Most would describe Emmi as self-assured, hot-headed, and charismatic.
She is Harvey’s best friend, roommate, and business partner. Together, they
run a spirit extermination business.

SKILLS: mediumship, sculpting, piano

LIKES: gothic literature, impressionism, impulse decisions,
fashion, the dark and disturbing, stuffed animals, parties, adrenaline

DISLIKES: rudeness, small spaces, cobwebs