AGE: 26

HEIGHT: 5’10


DESCRIPTION: Harvey is a young man with an obsession with horror.

Harvey more often than not finds himself in weird situations due to
his oblivious nature and complete lack of self-preservation. It seems
as if the evil and unfortunate forces of this world are quite attracted
to him.

In his free time, Harvey investigates and runs a fansite for the
cartoon Jack’s Horror Show™*. He spends most nights out in
underground nightclubs, bars, and basements.

Most would describe Harvey as emotionally-inexpressive,
unpredictable, and intimidating. Those who take the time to
get to know him are pleasantly surprised by his kindness.
He is Emmi’s best friend, roommate, and business partner.
Together, they run a spirit extermination business.

SKILLS: fortune-telling, hearse-certified

LIKES: dancing, Jack’s Horror Show™*, comics, sleep,
whiskey, catholicism, silver, formal-wear, funerals,
fried food, slashers, graphic t-shirts with funny slogans

DISLIKES: straight-edge people, animal-print, sunny days,
wearing a tie, bugs

*The existence of Jack’s Horror Show™ is uncertain